The Agricultural Company

Coppo & Garrione

The collaboration between our families was born in the early ‘40s of the last century. Respect and search for balance have been the bedrock of a constantly growing company history.

With enthusiasm and accuracy we have risen to the challenges of each historical age, coming to the fourth generation of active farmers.

Tradition and modernity represent the two cornerstones in everyday choices to consciously run into the future.

For 80 years, we have been cultivating our land with respect and passion.

A territory, rich in history and tradition, considered the cradle of quality Italian rice production.

Our history

From the early 40s until today

The 40s

The beginnings and the second postwar period

The Coppo & Garrione Company was established at the beginning of 1940. At a time when mechanizations had not yet taken the spotlight, the company, working with the aid of animal traction, grew rice in rotation to ancillary crops to support cattle and horses used in the company.

The 50s

From the work force to the capital

In the ’50s the advent of industrialization triggered the removal from the countryside of the work force replaced in parallel by the machinery. In those years, the farm invested huge amounts of money in innovative machinery, contributing directly to its development.

The 70s and 80s

Mechanization and innovation

The favourable conditions of the rice market combined with innovative agronomic technologies, using fertilizer and increasingly high-performing plant protection products, led the company to grow rice in a one-crop arrangement.

In those years the company also began to expand in surface, both owned and rented: investing in innovation to support growth became a necessity and it’s still today a distinguishing feature of our agricultural activity.

Since 2010

Technology and diversification

With one eye to environmental issues and the other toward a process of differentiation of the main rice business, in 2010 the company decided to operate a renewable energy investment strategy through the construction of a 1 MW Biogas plant and a 95kwp biaxial tracking Photovoltaic plant.

This investment strategy has led to a diversification of crops, rice and corn, to support the biogas system supply and simultaneously reduce one-crop risks. Thus distinction has allowed to return to the rotational technique to solve agronomic problems caused by one-crop setting, reducing the use of plant protection products and fertilizers.

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Since 2015

Research and collaborations

The research in collaboration with the University of Turin, BASF and the introduction of the most modern and innovative traceability system that uses Blockchain Technology, have opened a way back to sustainable farming techniques, in respect of the environment in order to improve the quality of the product.