From land to table

Our farm is located on the Vercelli plain, an area historically devoted to the cultivation of rice. Its magical and enchanting landscape has inspired many artists and poets.

In these lands, where the link between rice and water is very strong, nature, wildlife and history come together to transform and make the landscape unique according to each season.

Tenuta Darola

Rice cultivation

City of Trino

Situated in Trino town, it is the legal and administrative headquarters of the company. It is particularly suited to rice crops and, joined with the near Chiappuzza farmhouse, it constitutes the company’s main nucleus.

Tenuta Petiva

Renewable energies

City of San Germano Vercellese

Situated in San Germano Vercellese town, this is the company’s headquarters of renewable energy related activities: the dual-axis tracking photovoltaic system and the 1MW biogas system.

Tenuta Beccaccina

Biomass corn

City of Bianzè

Located in the town of Bianzè, with the nearby farmhouse Bottaluzza, it is particularly suited to farm corn for biomass.

The Tenuta Darola

A fascinating example of rural architecture

Tenuta Darola is one of the biggest and most beautiful farmhouses in the area, located in Trino, in the middle of Piedmont. 

The current structure dates back to the early 20th century. Within it, it is located a keep, that dates back to the 14th century.

Tenuta Darola was part of the Grange.

The “Grange” were a group of farms spread in a large agricultural area, obtained by the clearing and leveling of the land.

The “Tenuta” is a fascinating example of rural architecture. The regularity of its façades with brick pilasters and string-course cornices, triangular pediments above the main entrances, and openings surmounted by arches – also made of brick – make it a unique and harmonious example in the context of the Trino area.

The Tenuta’s connection with the territory.

Gazing at the Tenuta from afar, surrounded by flat countryside, waterways, ditches, and occasional rows of trees, it is difficult to fully perceive its extension. However, once you step through one of the many entrances of the Tenuta Darola, you will be able to fully grasp its beauty.